Succeding is in your hand,

make IT happen

Become a high specialized professional
regardless your financial status
Get funded

No traditional debt

Return it only if you succed


Get funded for studying

Financial status should not conditionate your future. Make it happen, decide what, where and when. Our mission is your success, really!

Do you know the Income Share Agreement?

Get funded for studying and refund it only when getting a job

No guarantees needed

Forget about finding a grantor.

Your skills are the best aval!

Charges depend on the salary

No fixed amounts, no traditional debt; the charges will be a percentage of the salary having a maximum cap

Your performance matters

We give you the chance of reducing the percentage to get paid for good grades.

Only when exeeding a minimum

You'd be charged only when your salary exceeds a minimum.

Don't worry otherwise!

Use our platform to get funded

Complete your profile and arouse the investor's interest

They will finance your studies in exchange of a participation of your ISA

The agent's interests are totally alligned!

Get funded

Let us know your interest and contact details and we will get in touch with you considering your suitability for the program

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