Invest in the next generation of great thinkers, innovators and leaders who will shape our future.
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Impact investment

Seeking  to create positive social change while delivering competitive returns through optimized, effective, and responsible management.

Diversify your portfolio

Alternative investment

Increase your portfolio diversification with a unique asset class with recurring monthly payments.

Risk-adjusted return on capital

Solid returns

Expertly crafted to minimize risk exposure while maintaining strong profitability potential.
diversify your portfolio by investing in student debt
Student financing.
Tokey offer students an alternative and flexible financing model with income-based repayments (Income Share Agreements - ISAs).
Highly demanded profiles.
Focus on bootcamps with short term durations (<1 year) and great employability rates.
Diversified risk.
We invest in a diversified pool of students, courses and schools to spread risk and increase the likelihood of positive returns and mitigate the impact of individual performance.
Monthly income.
Hands off investment with monthly returns. Managed by a highly specialized team and loan servicing company.

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