Investing In Success

Impact Investing

Help people to reach their goals

High Return

High annual expected IRR on investments

Liquid Investment

Secondary market for liquiditing at any time


Would you use your investment to drive society forward?

We connect students with financials needs with impact investors.

These investments are backed by an Income Share Agreement which allows student to raise money in exchange for a percentage of their post-graduation income.

Through our platform the student issues his own tokens allowing several investors to take part of his success.

Progress is not something spontaneous. It comes from our own actions.

Students anywhere in the world

It is not about locations but about skills and talent.

Invest in the best profiles regardless the country they are from.

Diversified portfolio with a small investment

Be part of the student's success having limited risk.

Several investors will sponsor the same student.

Decentralized Finance


We will implement blockchain technology to ensure the transactions security, liquidity and simplicity.

The Tech Revolution

New technologies are changing the economy and how society fuctions. Companies are adapting to this new reality where IT profiles are becoming the most demanded in the labour market.

Aimed to help students

We must now help students to meet their goals. Let's priorize skills rather than financial resources.

Bootcamps really fit

Short courses with a high employment rate due to the IT profiles demand. Bootcamps students get hired within few weeks.

Allining interests

Investors and students have the same aim, the better the student's performance is, the happier both parties are.

Do you want to became an Impact Investor?

Send us your interest and we will contact you and consider your suitability

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